Adventures of Dylan Hawke

The Adventure Begins!

Dylan going home from (insert later) and passes through Pinebox.

Found little girl in truck on side of road who said her daddy ‘went to the potty’ and never came back. She was upset and crying claiming he’d been gone a long time.

Upon investigating, Dylan finds a body missing its clothes… and all its skin.

Dylan returns to the truck and the girl and calls 911.

Officers and ambulance arrives

Dylan told to stay in town and report to sheriff’s office later on.

Goes to diner to kill time, overhears that Julie Williams was the little girl and her parents were divorced. He was working for greenmark.

On way to report to sheriff’s office, noticed a man and a few women (a blonde and a red head) passing out pamphlets and sticking them under car windshield wipers. Pamphlets were for ’Texas Clean" having a rally next day at Greenmark facility.

Sgt. Latoya Jones is in lobby at front desk.

While talking with Sheriff, Julie points out the window and gets excited claiming she saw her father.

Dylan then starts to leave and Julie tries to get him to go ‘get her father’. When Dylan awkwardly doesn’t help Julie throws her ice cream and hits him in the face.

Despite this Dylan at least decides to investigate the store that Julie said her dad went into and upon doing so discovers that the owner of the store ‘Melba Johnson’ is nowhere to be seen but he saw someone fitting her description walking down the road and around the corner.

Upon walking into the back room to try and find someone to ask about Mr. Williams, he finds another skinned body. In a nearby trashcan he finds the clothing and skin of Mr. Williams.

Dylan calls 911 again and soon the Sheriff comes over and, of course, promptly sends him back to the sheriff’s office.

Dylan briefly chats up Sgt. Jones again (calls her ‘Sgt. Sunshine’ – which she doesn’t care for) and then goes over his story again with the Sheriff.

After being told he would have to stay the night he went to investigate the alley that Melba disappeared into. Once there he found a red apron and a small drawstring pouch. After buying some gloves across the street, he examined the pouch and found it contained strips of human skin and many broken teeth. upon trying to put the teeth and skin back in the pouch, he discovered that anything placed in the pouch fell ‘magically’ through the bottom of the pouch – even though the pouch felt solid. A lone raven squawked at him at the scene and he chased it off with a rock. Taking the pouch (but leaving the teeth and skin under the apron) he went to dinner and checked into the Pinebox motel where he bedded down for the night after securely locking the door.


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